UPDATE: So, Weird News About Caravan

UPDATE: More information has come to light, not only about this game, but about Asmodee's acquisition of F2Z last year. A quick summary below

1. The Century Trilogy will be a series of three games, one released every year, beginning with Century: Spice Road, which will be released at Origins this year. The three games can be played on their own, or combined.

2. Caravan and Pretzel Games were not included in the Asmodee deal. Plan B Games is the new company of former F2Z President Sophie Gravel, and also owns Pretzel Games

3. In a reply to my thread on BGG designer Emerson Matsuuchi said that Crystal Golem was put on the backburner due to a lack of interest from the international market, and "may not be completely out of the picture, but may hinge on how well the title does." He goes on to say he considered publishing the game alone through his own Nazca Games, but was very impressed by Plan B's operation, and is confident the game will be the best it can be.

Also of note is Pretzel Games Flick 'Em Up: Dead of Winter is still planned for release, which I couldn't be happier about.

Caravan has been a hotly anticipated game since it was announced last year. It was a game coming from Z-Man and was going to release as two sets with totally different themes; Spice Road for the euro crowd and Crystal Golem for the Ameritrashers. Well, it appears both those facts have changed.....

Details are still sketchy, but here is what we know:

1.  The game has been renamed from Caravan to "The Century Trilogy"

2. The Crystal Golem theme has been dropped; The New World and Eastern Wonders themes have been added.

3. It appears the Plaid Hat is no longer publishing the game, but rather Plan B and Nazca Games.

4. The games will be released June 14th.

What does this mean for the game? We can't be entirely sure. If I was to speculate, maybe Asmodee dropped the game after merging with Z-Man parent company F2Z Entertainment over it's potential to compete with Asmodee's hit game Splendor, but I doubt we'll ever know for sure. Whatever the reason, this is an odd twist for a game that's had a lot of good buzz behind it. BGG News promises an update soon, which will hopefully shed some light on this all.