Board Game News Roundup- 1/12/17

Kosmos has some big news today, not only announcing a reprint of the highly sought after Pillars of the Earth, but also a new game from Pillars' designer Sebastian Wenzel. The new game, A Column of Fire, is based off the book by the same name, and will support 2-4 players. Pillars of the Earth's expansions may also get a reprint, pending the success of the base game. (via) 

The Networks will be back in stock soon! It's been hard to find for a while, so I think it's  great that more people will be able to experience one of my favorite games of last year.

Mysterium Digital was released today. You can pick it up for any iOS device and Android for $6.99, or for the PC on Steam for $9.99

The First Martians pre order campaign is live, and it's already doing well.

Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games announced an expansion to Terraforming Mars during the Dice Tower's 30hr game marathon. I'm really excited about this one, Terraforming Mars is a fantastic game that has lots of potential for expansion.

CMON and Horrible Games announced a new party game slated for a Jan. 20th release.

And finally, there's a new publisher on the scene with a great name.