A Feast For Odin

Every day for the next 10 days I'll be writing up a short review of my top games of 2016. Today we tackle my number 4 game of the year.

A Feast For Odin

 Z-Man Games - Uwe Rosenberg; Dennis Lohausen

Z-Man Games - Uwe Rosenberg; Dennis Lohausen

Uwe Rosenberg is one of the most iconic game designers in the hobby. With games like Caverna, Patchwork, and Agricola under his belt; Rosenberg has pushed boundaries and created mechanisms. A Feast For Odin feels like something of a combination of his past games, and it is beautiful.

A Feast For Odin is the type of epic worker placement game that Rosenberg has become known for, and works very similarly to his other games; you go and gather resources, build things, feed your people, etc. Instead of the wooden resource tokens and animeeples we've grown accustomed to in Rosenberg's games, all of the resources and animals are represented by tiles of various sizes that are used to cover spaces on different grids on player boards. You'll want to position these tiles to cover negative point spaces, increase your income, and generate resources. Throughout the game you can also construct buildings and discover new lands that will grant further opportunities to gain item, income, and points; but also has the potential for you to lose points in the end game. You'll gain these tiles by going to one of the 60+ action spaces; where you'll try to build, trade, sail, and raid you way to victory. 

The components are very solid. There are few wooden tokens and pieces in the game, but the ones there are on par with those found in Rosenberg's other games. The tiles are good quality, and the star of the show is the included game trays, which hold the plethora of tiles found in the game, and help keep set up and tear down quick. It can't be said that Feast For Odin is dripping with theme, but the actions and tile art give off a good viking flavor. 

If you've played and of Rosenberg's past worker placement games, you'll pick this game up quickly, but this is by no means an Agricola variant. The tile laying in this game give it an added layer that makes it shine above Agricola, Caverna, or any of his past games. 

Final Score:

Art: 7/10

Components: 8/10

Theme: 7/10

Gameplay: 9.5/10

Overall: 9.5/10