Days of Wonder - François Gandon;  Cyrille Daujean,   Sabrina Miramon

Days of Wonder - François Gandon; Cyrille Daujean, Sabrina Miramon

City building is one of my favorite themes, but often the games end up being on the heavier side. Not Quadropolis. In Quadropolis you'll find the type of nice, family-weight game that Days of Wonder does so well. Quadropolis centers around it's fantastic tile selection mechanic.  Player's will choose from a shared grid of tiles by placing a worker around the edge of the grid. The workers all have numbers printed on them which determines which tile you may take, as well as where in your city you'll be able to place the tile, however, your worker cannot point to the spot of the last tile taken by an opponent. Each type of tile scores differently, highest score wins. That's it. The whole game. But it works really well. 

There's two different modes of play; one that is a bit simpler for families, and an advanced game that adds some more complex tiles and rules for more experienced groups. While the advanced game is definitely the superior one, the family game is still a lot of fun and works as a great gateway game. The game also plays quick, even playing the advanced game with a group of new players shouldn't take any longer than an hour. 

The theme isn't incredibly strong here, but the charming art on the building tile and the way the tiles interact keep in the city keep the game from being abstract. All in all this is a fantastic little game that hasn't got near enough attention this year. 

Final Score:

Art: 7/10

Production: 8/10

Theme: 7/10

Gameplay: 8/10